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Douli Patchouli, Nurturing Wellness

Serving Families in East Tennessee

Hello there!

I’m Tarah: mother of four, doula, Reiki practitioner, self taught herbalist, and student midwife. For the past few years, I have been working with plants and have practiced Reiki since 2020 to help facilitate wellness in myself and my family.


My mission is to merge holistic modalities with compassionate and inclusive care, so that I may provide you with the best possible experience. This is my calling - I can’t wait to nurture and support you on your journey!


As I begin to closely work with others, I will share testimonials with permission.

As a self taught herbalist, I am continually learning and working with plants. I have a passion for holistic wellness and believe herbs can be an easily implemented modality to any lifestyle. 

Image by Guido Blokker

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