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Image by Joyce Toh

Herbal Support

For years I’ve worked with plant medicine to nourish myself, my family and friends. My love for herbs started as a child, when my mother would make me chamomile tea nightly. Ahhh, the comfort! These days, my children nurture my inner child, asking for their own herbal teas.


Some of my favorite creations include my unique, potent elderberry syrup and fire cider, intuitively blended, nurturing teas, essential and herbal infused oil rollers, and herbal bath salts. All my products are wild or organically sourced whenever possible. Tinctures, candles, and body oils coming in the future.


If you’re interested in any herbal offerings, please reach out!

Image by Joyce Toh
Herbal Tea Blends

Nourished Mama $15

New Mom Recovery $15
Immunity $20
Spleen Qi $20
Custom Blends $25

*unless otherwise noted, herbal teas are 3 ounces and custom blends are 2.5 ounces

Elderberry Syrup

Pint (16 oz) $15
Quart (32 oz) $25

Fire Cider

4 ounces $15
8 ounces $25

Other Herbal Goodness



Unwind Herbal Bath Salts $15


Release Herbal Bath Salts $15

(coming soon!)


Uplift Herbal Bath Salts $15


Detox Bath Salts $15


Oil Rollers

Essential Oil Blend $10


Herbal Infused $10

(coming soon!)


Please message me about oil roller blends.


*all bath salts are 6 ounces

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