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Image by Elena Putina


A couple years ago, I stumbled upon Reiki. I was intrigued and felt drawn to this healing modality. I sought out a practitioner and shortly thereafter began regular sessions. The amount of peace, comfort, emotional and mental healing to ensue cannot be put to words. Around the time I began taking classes to be trained in Reiki, one of my children was diagnosed with a moderate speech delay. They had less than twenty five spoken words at 3 years. They only used a few of them daily. Communication was hard and frustrating for everyone. I decided to take my child to my Reiki practitioner. During our session and on the way home, he said several new words. Within a month he had over 100 words and spoke in sentences. His speech therapist was pleasantly surprised at his rapid progress. Now, you would never know he had a speech delay! This was the “thing” which catapulted me to continue my Reiki trainings and become a Reiki Master Teacher. 

Image by Elena Putina


Energy healing sessions are sliding scale based, $55 to $85. Message me to schedule your session today!

Gift certificates available!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality that's been around for thousands of years. It means "universal energy." A Reiki practitioner is a channel for this energy which promotes healing, relaxation, clearing of energetic blockages, and more. These non-invasive sessions can be done in person or from a distance.

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When I started learning Reiki, I wasn’t sure what was ahead of me. I just knew it had helped me and my family. I wholeheartedly wanted to deepen my knowledge of it. A couple months after receiving Master Teacher, I was called to teach. My apprehensions melted away when I discovered something I love. I enjoy teaching and sharing Reiki. If you feel called and want to learn, contact me!

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