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Image by Guido Blokker


What people are saying:

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Image by Guido Blokker

"Tea testimonial…I let Tarah intuitively choose 3 tea blends for me. She picked Spleen Qi, Lymphatic stress relief, and an Elderberry blend.  Not only did the tea smell divine but it was exactly what I needed to nourish myself after a long birth. I love how beautiful the loose leaf herbs are and how I know exactly what is in it. I will definitely be ordering from her again soon. ✨" -L.D.

“Tarah was there for me every step of my pregnancy. Through my anxiety ridden messages at midnight… to being with me from the second my contractions picked up, to baby being here safe and sound. She helped me get through my hardest labor, after I suffered a silent uterine rupture. Her knowledge during my labor and her gentle yet firm presence was the only thing that got me through those hard moments. Her suggestions and maneuvering during my labor took so much pain away. I could not have pushed through without her.”  S. Lee

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